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Not all the moves are hectic; there are full-service moving companies that can relieve all your stress with safe, smooth, and efficient relocation – and our moving company is one of them. Whether you asked for corporate relocation services or want to move your home beyond state lines, you can count on the moving company.

If you’re worried about the moving expenses, we have got you covered. As one of the leading local and long-distance moving companies, Team USA can do the job well within your budget.

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Team USA Moving

Hire the National Moving Company

As the leading national moving company, we can move everything from just a few items to your entire household or business. Here are the highlights:

Our Experience

We are a reputable company with residential and corporate moving experience.

Full service packing at affordable rates

Customer Service

Over the years, we have been maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings.

Best Moving Vehicles

The moving company offers the right moving truck according to your requirements.

Timely Delivery

Delivery can be instant, days, weeks, or months away from the moving date depending on your move milestone timeline.

Safe Loading and Unloading

There will be an experienced and professional mover assigned to both the pickup and delivery of your items.

We Can Transport Anything

The moving company can transport household goods, vehicles, boats, specialty items, and more.

Large Network of North American Moving Services

We collaborate with the best moving companies for international moves. You can also choose the best interstate mover or long-distance mover through our company.

Get the Best Protection for Your Belongings

You can choose different insurance coverage options; you may choose full value protection for your items.

Best Prices on the Market

We offer flat-rate pricing for full-service moves and stick to the final price.

Your Local Moving Company

Sometimes, even local moves turn into a nightmare if you didn’t plan properly or hire a moving company without checking their credibility. Therefore, we recommend you should read customer reviews about each moving company you’re interested in.

Our group of local movers provides reliable moving services for local moves. Expect all kinds of local moving services, including:

Full-Service Packing

Enjoy the perks of full-service packing. We have a range of items as well as packing solutions as part of our full-service packing plan. Just tell the movers where to start and they’ll take it from there.

Packing Supplies

Apart from full-service packing, you’ll also get unlimited packing supplies. So, if you don’t want to avail our full-service packing, you can purchase our packing supplies at affordable rates.

Move Anything!

Avoid the hassle of loading. Hire us to get the best packers and furniture movers for your belongings.

Full service packing
local moving company

A Wide Range of Moving Trucks

The moving truck comes in different sizes, and we’ve got one according to your apartment, home or office.

Storage Solutions

You can get the best storage services from a trusted national moving company.

Insurance Coverage

One of the perks of working with the best moving companies is you get the best insurance coverage plans. We offer partial and full value protection for your items.

Flat rate pricing, and more

When you deal with the best moving companies through us, your local moving experience will be unforgettable. That’s because we quote fair prices and there won’t be any addition at the end of the day.

Give Us a Call. Share Your Move Date.

Experienced Long Distance Movers

Long distance move is our specialty. Our long-distance moving service is categorized into the following:

  • Interstate moves
  • Cross-country moves
  • International moves

And we have fully-trained employees for each of these categories, making your long-distance move as safe and fast as it can get.

An interstate move can be the most stressful type of move. Packing your whole life into a truck and moving beyond state lines requires professional movers with an interstate moving experience. Plus many long-distance moves require moving storage and packing services as well as disassembly of furniture and beds.

Like any professional moving company, we offer long-distance moving guides and moving tips on every type of moving service. Our long-distance or cross-country movers offer high-quality professional moving services with attention to detail. Having the right state-to-state movers will make your move smooth and simple.

moving truck on the road
Full service moving companies

Professional Movers with Fully Licenced North American Moving Services

Team USA Moving will work with you to make certain your move goes as planned and will take the time to make this your best move yet. From start to finish Team USA is your moving service company for prompt efficient moving services.

The moving company provides exceptional storage services, full-service packing, and much more.

We Offer Properly Licensed Moving and Storage Services

National moving is safe with Team USA Moving Services. We have a national moving services broker license to coordinate relocation services in any state through our network of affiliated movers.

This means you have access to the leading van lines, like United Van Lines, International Van Lines, American Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines and more. We’ll work at the back-end as the parent company managing your move.

Here’s a brief introduction of the moving companies we’re working with:

United Van Lines

Working under parent company, UniGroup, United Van Lines is one of the leading full-service moving companies US. They have specialized in long-distance moves and international moves, and have a large fleet of moving trucks meant for different purposes. The van lines cover 50 US states, and over 150 countries worldwide.

United Van Lines provides protection at the rate of $6 per pound. Last year, Unigroup elects executive vice president of Oler Group as their board member, and they’re looking forward for more improvements in their company.

United Van Lines

American Van Lines

American Van Lines is probably the largest family-owned business in the United States. American Van Lines serve in 48 states, so they can be contacted for local or interstate moves most of the time. While many moving companies do not charge anything upfront, American Van Lines has a different policy.

If you want to hire American Van Lines, be prepared to pay up to 50% of the moving fees upfront. You may have to wait for their representatives to get the moving quote according to your move.

Atlas Van Lines - Moving Companies

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines have been in the moving business for over 70 years. The full-service moving company offers local, long-distance and international moving to local and international customers. If you’re living in the United States or Canada, you can directly contact Atlas Van Lines. The international movers have more than 430 agents across the United States and Canada.

Customers from other countries can work with the moving partners of Atlas Van Lines; these may be local or long-distance moving companies serving within a specific country, state or city.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is another old but fully customizable moving company in the United States. With almost nine decades of experience on their back, Allied Van Lines has successfully completed more than 750,000 local, long-distance, and international moves, maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings for the last 15 years.

The professional moving company offers full-service packing, supplies, and every other service that you expect from the best moving companies.

National Movers for local and international moving

International Van Lines

Interstate move, local move or overseas move, you can trust International Van Lines. It’s being rated as #1 among all the moving companies in the United States. International Van Lines has been operating in more than 180 countries, and are the leading national movers of the country. You may find them slightly costlier than other full-service moving companies, but they have been maintaining a great reputation with respect to international moving.

North American moving services

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is another contender in our list of moving companies. They offer local, long-distance, and international moving. North American Van Lines is an affordable option. If you want to avail North American moving services, you can contact us.

Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines is another handy option that’s part of our large network. The moving company operates from Pompano Beach, Florida and offers local and interstate moves at affordable prices. They’re one of the best affordbale national moving companies in the moving industry today.

Our network is growing so you’ll see more international van lines and local movers in the near future. For long distance moves, you’re going to need state-of-the-art moving trucks from the leading moving companies. And if it’s about international moving, the moving company has all the arrangements ready.

Trusted National Moving Company for Autoshipping

The moving company offers nationwide auto shipping services with licensed and insured auto transport and car carriers. Moving your car from any city to any city is easy with Team USA Auto Shipping.

Tell us your preferences, and we’ll provide you the best moving package. Plus, accessibility to any state or city is not a problem. Just give us a call, and we’ll explain the entire moving process.

local and international moving

Your Reliable International Moving Company

Moving overseas and want to hire a professional mover? Team USA Moving is your international moving services company with moving advisors ready to help you make your overseas relocation or international move quick and easy with years of experience with international relocation.

We offer a wide range of van lines, such as United Van Lines, International Van Lines, American Van Lines, National Moving Company, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, and more international van lines to efficiently conduct your international move.

A Full Service Moving Company

Our mission is to make the moving industry more cost-effective for both moving companies and their customers.

moving boxes

Customer Satisfaction: Our Main Aim

We will provide innovative, value-added, and top-quality moving services and movers that will make us better than our competition. Our services are not limited to the residents, but customers who own businesses can also contact the moving company for small or long moves.

We believe our biggest responsibility is to the customers who use our services and to our employees, who make us what we are.

How We Ensure Best Customer Service

In carrying out our day-to-day business we always:

Educate our Employees

So they understand how their individual work contributes to the entire relocation process. Institute procedures that are efficient, effective, and profitable.

Follow What Our Customers Say

We follow the philosophy that our customers are the foundation of our being in business and therefore, we must constantly strive to improve our customer service awareness.

Stay Ahead

Be knowledgeable of industry changes, evaluate any additional opportunities, and look for ways to reduce our overhead costs.

Making Your Moving Process Smooth and Stress-Free

Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will be known as a moving company that succeeded at a time when many failed. Our employees will see Team USA Moving as a progressive and well-managed relocation company that they are proud to be a part of.

Team USA Moving will work with you to make certain your move goes as planned and will take the time to make this your best move yet. From start to finish Team USA is your moving service company for prompt efficient moving services.

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