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Team USA Moving offers professional moving storage services. If you need to store your moving items while you wait on your new home to be finished we can store your household goods at affordable rates.

Often times customers require the movers to store thier belongings for a short period of time which essentially means they need two moves. First the move to the storage unit then another move to the new residence. This, as one can imagine, gets expensive but is sometimes necessary. To accomplish this with reduced cost you can move to a self storage facility and then use local movers to deliver from storage to your new home. Either way you prefer Team USA Moving can help with all your moving storage needs.

Moving Storage Tips – Get Free Shipping on Moving Supplies

When storing furniture in self storage you should:

Take the furniture apart, if possible, make sure to mark the parts so you can easily reassemble them, you should leave covers/sheets on furniture (if you have any) as this will protect your furniture. Also, put any screws or bolts you have left from disassembling the furniture into a plastic bag and tape the bag somewhere inconspicuous (so you do not leave tape marks) to the furniture.

For beds, make sure to tie the bed rails together with rope.

To prevent scratching furniture you should:

  • For chairs, you should cover the legs and arms with bubble wrap/newspaper, and also stack them seat-to-seat with paper or cloth between them.
  • On the floor of the storage unit you should lie cardboard boxes or cloth or plastic sheets.

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