Team USA Moving Airplane, Aircraft, and Helicopter Shipping and Moving

Moving an aircraft requires a professional and qualified airplane moving company. Team USA has moved many different types of aircraft from a variety of different locations. We provide aircraft moving from any state to any state.

From disassembly and shipping of home built, experimental or kit airplanes to wreckage recovery and airplane shipping for insurance or legal purposes we have done it. We moved an RV-6 to From Florida to Kansas in an enclosed truck. We have extensive experience with heavy warbirds that require multiple 53′ trailors and a crane to lift the fuselage and wing. Leave it to the professionals at Team USA we’ll get the job done.

Team USA Airplane Moving can move your:

  • single engine airplane
  • home built, experimental, and kit airplanes (pictured below)
  • helicopters
  • Large Helicopter (pictured)
  • airplane wreckage removal
  • aircraft insurance recovery
  • Lear Jet (pictured)

One LearJet 25 (timed out) Team USA did the disassembely, loading, and hauling the customer unloaded and reassembled. Florida to Las Vegas. Some magician is going to make it disappear.

The A1A Cobra Helicopters we sent from Fort Drum, NY to Kern County, CA they are in use to fight forest fires. We moved 6 Aircraft, they are using 2 Helicopters the other 4 are for parts.

An RV-6 we sent enclosed Florida to Kansas (90% Completed)

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